Alternative Gardening

The Garden

When people think of gardening, usually it’s the traditional form of gardening. Though this definition may vary from person to person, standard gardening generally involves growing plants in an isolated patch of ground. However, if there is something most people should know by now is that there is never just one way of doing something… gardening included. And this is one of the things that makes gardening so popular with so many people from every walk of of life. Here are some alternative gardening ideas:

Raised Garden Beds

raised bed

One of the most popular forms of gardening come in the form of raised garden beds. To put it simply, this form of gardening involves growing flowers and vegetables in a garden box that is raised above the ground. This allows for easy maintenance and promises to alleviate the back pain that many aging gardeners find themselves suffering from down the road.




Container Gardening

Clay Plant Pots on Deck

The practice of growing plants in a container, known as container gardening, is a creative and exciting form of gardening. Ideal for beginners, container gardening is fairly easy system to maintain and is ideal for people that find themselves relocating often and would like to facilitate the process of moving their plants and vegetables. This form of gardening is also ideally suited to those with small spaces.




Hydroponic Gardening

drip irrigation

Hydroponic gardening can be one of the most complex, but rewarding, forms of alternative gardening there is. Hydroponic gardening consists of growing plants or vegetables in a different growing medium than soil and involves the gardener feeding them a mixture of water and nutrients via their root system. Plants that are grown this way are known to grow 30 to 50% faster than plants grown in regular soil.




Organic Gardening


Organic gardening has become more and more popular these days, one reason being that people are not overly happy about what goes into their food in some cases.   However that isn’t the only reason to be growing organically so read on to find out how worthwhile it is.




While there are many other forms of alternative gardening available out there, this website focuses mainly on those four. When it comes to gardening, there is something for everyone, regardless of their level of expertise. Gardening is an exciting and gratifying hobby with plenty of room for creativity – be it traditional gardening or any other form that has begun to evolve in the last few decades.



Top Photo credit: antonychammond / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA